Self Reflection for my Foolishness

Following back the post about my recklessness I have been constantly aware that I am limiting myself from Becoming Stronger due to having:

  • Muscular Imbalances
  • Poor nutrition
  • Limiting Beliefs and Emotions
  • Not Breathing ( will expand on this on another post)

All these factors are what accumulate to making me feel:

  • weaker
  • be low in energy
  • have unsatisfied sleep
  • bad posture
  • get sick easily
  • have constant upset stomach
  • be ignorant of myself and others

and a whole array of other problems which end up with me not being happy nor fulfilled to my fullest potential

I started this blog with the purpose of showing myself working out like a maniac, thinking that training like this will make me stronger and just feel tough

well it might, but only to a certain point, who knows I might get injured or ignore certain internal imbalances because of my ego who wants to show and perceive myself as a tough man that is willing o tackle any challenge and show that I am strong and tough

I am fully pursuing myself into developing this character of toughness and strength but the first step back and realize that I cannot become this if my body as a whole has broken parts and weak links

These weaknesses have to be addressed first then be strengthened in order to become a real beast

Self Reflected my FoolishnessThis is a little rant to express my foolishness, but also accept and forgive myself for not being fully mature and understanding of what I really wanted

I have changed my sites mission into: 100 Days to Get Stronger and Live a BadAss Life

Which i know is what I want to become, Although I am still unsure on what I define as a Beast and a BadAss, I know as my 100 day challenge is coming to a finish I will have matured and expanded my view on what strength really is and can formed an ideal picture of a Beast!

I will start these 100 days in Monday December 26th Saturday Jan 7th

Reason being is that I want to be fully prepared and just let go into what I know I need to do in order to become a Beast

In the mean time I will be studying, reading and becoming more aware onto what actions I will need to do in order to achieve my goal

One of the persons whom has had a big influence on me into having this realization is Elliot Hulse, he has made me reinforce to look at the body as a whole and strengthen it form within so that your strong inner being will manifest into powerful and functional muscle, enhanced performance, confidence and a whole array of factors that make you a Strong Beast, or the Strongest version of your Self as Elliot Calls it

This post is mainly a self reflection to accept and forgive my foolishness and proceed into becoming stronger in a Holistic way

For the next days I will be sharing what my muscular imbalances are and how I will attack them in order to fix them

There is no point in just launching into training like a beast if there is no foundation that will fortify and work with you to become stronger and help you get the body and life you want

Exited to show My weakness and Show you How I plan to Strengthen them

I Will Divide my Imbalances into 2 Posts, one mainly focusing on upper and the other on my lower body (although both are connected in many ways)

I want to say that this is a self experiment and you are more than welcome to follow along if you see fit, I am still learning about fixing myself and I always will, so if I can help you, or maybe you feel we share many of the same imbalances (most likely) then please follow along and Fix your Self Up too!

Talk Soon!

What imbalances do you suffer from? would love to see how I can help you!

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