I Have been Reckless!

Today I woke Up with a Sense of Starting Over and With a Want for Self Discovery

I have reflected on this past year on how much progress I have made in my life and well I am not happy nor satisfied with the results

Although Progress has been made, in the Areas of Wealth, I have take a big toll Neglecting the other 3 Parts on my life that make me a Whole:

Health: I have formed imbalances, knots, and becomes Weak along with being Malnourished

Relationships: I have been selfish and ignorant to the people who want to be with me: My Friends, Parents and Family Members, and although they might be selfish and ignorant towards me, it is my responsibility to take the first step and fix this, and not blame the other party for not doing anything

Spirituality: I use to see this word before and just run away, I thought it meant Religion, and although some see it that way I don’t. Being spiritual is knowing who you are in the Inside, Having self conversations and looking at your true pure self and having the courage and power to change your energy flow and focus it on what You want to achieve to become the Strongest Version of Yourself

These 4 Parts of my Life need to be in constant building and always being strengthened, I have been reckless and foolish to think that I can fix all this myself when in reality there are so many people and education that want to help me in my mission t become a BEAST.

I already know who I want to become (at least at this moment)

I want to be a Warrior who travels the world to learn from the top Experts and Beasts on how to become Stronger Physically and Mentally

These is a bold statement and it is what my Body and Mind are asking of me to do: To Stop Being Weak and Get Stronger in all areas of my life

Now I already started this journey, but my ideas and energy was only focused on Getting Stronger Physically and neglecting my Mind and my Emotions.

So I am starting over with a new set of values and on a mission to inspire YOU to TAKE ACTION and pursue Strength to Become the BEAST you deserve to Be and Take full ownership of Your Life!

Fitness and a Clean Nutrition are what Will set the foundation and construct yourself into a Beast, Not only just a Strong and Powerful individual Physically but Mentally as well.

Develop the Mindset of a Warrior, a Hustler, A Non-Conformist, and a Confident Badass that goes to Construct their Dream Lifestyle because Once your Body and your Mind are in alignment you Will Be UNSTOPPABLE!

This is a Never Ending Journey for Strength, for Self Discovery, and for the Pursue of Happiness, To be able to look back in the later years and smile knowing that you have lived, loved, mattered and left a legacy in this World

Kill all those beliefs and excuses of yours that only make you weak and comfortable with mediocrity, that Bitch is Not You!

You My Friend are a Warrior, and Have an Energy Source Greater than you Can Image Withing You

Its Time for you to Unleash Your Beast and Become the Strongest Version of Your Self

The Question is, What Do you want and What are you Willing to Do?

To Tell you that by just working out and “eating better” will get you your dream life is Pure Bullshit…unless you are conformed with “Good Enough”

I am not conformed with good enough and neither should you, Greatness is the only thing that matters, Why be Conformed with being #2 if nobody remembers them?

To pursue to be number 1, does not mean to being ignorant and doing anything to just be ahead. NO…It means knowing that you have giving it your all, that you fought your way with sweat, with blood, with tears, pain, and misery, and that these hardship have only made you Stronger!

Time to Pursue Greatness!

Unleash the Beast Withing You and Get Stronger!

Tomorrow I will give my stats on how strong I am compared to my list of Exercises to Master and what I will do in order to pursue these goals int the next 100 days!

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