Reasons Why I am Not Building Muscle or Getting Stronger & Habits I need to Fix


So I like you probably at one time have said, I am not building muscle because of my genetics, I don’t have where to train, I don’t have time, I don’t have the money to buy the foods, etc,… Just a bunch of excuse and blaming  other things for your lack in progress and results

But in the end those factors you are blaming, while they might matter and can be obstacles, are Not the Reason why you are not Growing Muscle or Getting Stronger.

The only Reason is YOU!

You and your Habits are the reason, the actions you take and the decisions you make is what the determines how much progress you will make.

Muscle Building, Getting Stronger, and Just being Fitter all comes down to Having Discipline

  • Discipline to follow work on your weaknesses
  • Discipline to always stretch and warm up
  • Discipline to eat the right foods
  • Discipline  to workout when you don’t want to but need to
  • Discipline to keep pushing when things get rough

Yes there are shortcuts and plans that will let you get more results in less time, but all require Discipline, an Strong Dedication and commitment to Change!

Whit that said, your habits are what will determine the actions you take which will bring you the results you deserve.

Here are The Habits that are Stopping me From Building Muscle and Getting Stronger: (you are probably making the same ones)

  • Eating Only One or Twice a day: My body is not getting enough nutrients and worst off is in starvation mode feeding on my muscle (that’s why I don’t get hungry)
  • Don’t eat vegetables: Veggies make you clean and their nutrients are needed to function properly
  • Go to sleep at 2 or 3 am and wake up at 12 or 1pm: I am summer break (ends next week) and have been having a horrible sleeping habit, sometimes I only get 2-3 hours sleep because I need to do something in the morning, this habit is messing up my hormones and needs to stop
  • Spending too much time on the computer: Besides the fact that sitting down for long times makes my hips get tight, it also leads to bad posture (hunched over shoulders) I simply waste too much time doing unnecessary stuff in the computer when I should be working, this habit is wasting too much of my time when I can be using it too be more productive
  • Workout once or twice a week: Like stated above I waste too much time in the computer that I have been neglecting exercise which is the key fundamental to get stronger and grow muscle. So this low activity along with bad nutrition is messing me up

So my habits all come down to Bad Nutrition, Not Working out Enough, Bad Sleeping Habits, and Wasting too much time being Unproductive

Simple and Obvious things, and the things that I have been missing is Discipline, I haven’t been committed to getting stronger.

So here are the Actions I will take to change these Bad Habits:

  • Cook and eat at least 3 times a day: It all comes down to being prepared and with school starting next week I need to be extra prepared to be consuming good quality food to fuel my body, so I will be cooking more
  • Eat Primal/Paleo Style: To me this style is simple it is mainly eating good fats, veggies, fruits, quality meats, nuts and it is low on starchy carbs. I have been eating like this for about a year, although I am not hardcore on it, I do try to stick to it as much as possible.
  • Drink more Water: Actually I have never had problems with this one, for the most part I drink enough water a day, and don’t care about counting how many gallons I drink a day, it’s all about keeping things simple and counting gallons would defeat this purpose. I feel that I drink enough since I don’t get thirsty and are always carrying a bottle of water with me. Plus I don’t like soda (I left that trash a couple of years ago[I will say I do drink it rarely if I feel like it, but I don’t enjoy it as much as some nice cold glass of water])
  • Spend Less Time on the Computer: I do work here, but I also waste too much time on it. So will cut it to only working a max of 4hrs a day, that way I will focus more on actually doing productive work
  • Sleep at least 6 hours a night and have a Sleep Schedule: I am open minded on whether we really need 8 hrs of sleep or not( I lean more towards saying that we don’t, but that’s a debate for another day). I know I will not always be able to maintain this schedule, but will aim to at least follow trough on it during the weekdays. This will probably the Habit I will have more problems with as I am young and don’t have many responsibilities (besides school at the moment)
  • Workout Daily: This doesn’t mean that I will go all out daily, it simply means I will be active everyday, Either do a full blown Hardcore workout, body weight circuits, go swimming, play basketball, try a new sport like surfing or sand soccer, go bike riding, go hiking, etc, the point here is to always do something, and just move for the heck of it.
  • Recovery: Flexibility/Mobility/Foam Roll at least 2 times per week: If I am going to be busting myself up regularly I will definitely need recovery time, Flexibility and Mobility are Key fundamentals in Training so these will have priority in my Workouts and Recovery Activities. Foam Rolling can be painful at times and that sucks, but does make me feel good, I definitely need to work on flexibility for the new Activities I want to try out
  • Have Fun & Explore the World : I am bored of working out at home, going to school, and going out every once in a while, that life of mines is stopping now, I am gonna be exploring San Diego at the moment & really try hat this city has to offer
  • Keep Things Simple and Live more Minimalist: My Goal with all this is to have everything in my life simplified and systematized from fitness, food, business, etc. This doesn’t mean I will be a robot and have an schedule, not at all, it simply means I will get good at having order in my life. And changing to a more Minimalist Lifestyle will allow me to do do more instead of having more, I will not be a hardcore Minimalist but I do want to live simple and only with necessities, plus when i start traveling I won’t need to carry much so this change is a must for me and my business
  • Take Risks and Do Uncomfortable Things: I am pursuing my Bucket List one of my goals is to start Traveling by next year, so I its time to Take More Risks on my Businesses if I want to be able to live this Unconventional Life. Staying Disciplined and Committed to reaching my goals will be a journey that will really push me out of my comfort zone and be will be painful at times, so its time to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

How to Change bad habitsSay Goodbye to the old Luis, I officially declare him Dead, that weak and lazy kid doesn’t exist anymore.

It is the time for a Stronger Luis, a Luis that goes and gets what he wants and is willing to go trough the hardships and obstacles in order to get there. Its time to unleash the Beast in Me!

Not Turning Back I have made a commitment, so Time to Take the Risk and Get Things done!

What about you, What are you going to Change?

Photo Credits: Aubrey Faith

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