My Mess & at Home Craziness

First off, don’t know when I will upload the video, I am having video issues :/

Moving tough I will be writing how my Day went trough:

So today I realized how much of a mess I live in

My room is full of unnecessary shit, and all this clutter everywhere only makes me more stressed

So I will be minimizing everything – my possessions, my work, my nutrition and my workouts
I will be eating very simple, just veggies and a lot of meat and fat, and will workout how I feel like training, either just let my body get creative and do its thing or I will be feeling like lifting heavy so i will tear some iron up, lift some rock,s push my car, or just lift whatever, the main thing will be to just push myself to the limit to test my mental toughness (more on this by next week)
So Today’s workout was just raw and unplanned

I did some foam rolling, and a quick warm up

then teared up pull ups, push ups, and finished it up with using my punching bag as a sand bag

So that’s it

One more thing I did take a cold shower in the morning, thanks to Caveman Klaus challenging me for the next 30 days!

This was not pleasant but I need to get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Stay tuned more craziness to come!

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