I am Weak – Lets Set the Foundation

You know how time passes and you feel OK, you know you should be improving yourself, but since there is no overview of how bad your life is really turning out to be, you just feel its OK and just keep moving on with your life. Well the other day I recorded myself working out on the park, and I noticed I have gotten WEAK!. I remember back in high school I had more energy and feelt stronger.

Well this wake up call. I could rant about how lazy I have been and why I haven’t done shit to change my body, but whats the point?

All I know is that I have gotten weak because most of my time is spent on the commuter being hunched over, eating at infrequent times (sometimes only twice a day) and Not Being Fucking Active!

and hey, you might be in the same or a very similar situation

Enough about that, now lets look onto setting my fitness foundation – I have to master the basics exercises in order to have that initial body weight strength

Here is the List of Exercises I Will to Master to Set my Foundation: Click here to See the Complete List

  • Push Ups
  • Pull Ups
  • Dips
  • Squats

Apart from Working on my Setting the Body-Weight Foundation I will also be attacking my legs with deadlifts and squats. And to get Leaner and have More Energy I will Eat the Primal Blueprint Way (low on starchy carbs, for those who don’t know)

I am giving myself 1 month to really attack and dedicate my time to working on my weak parts, which are Fixing my hunched over posture, getting a stronger core, developing an strong posterior chain and become more flexible and mobile

Before Fitness Picture
My Weak Self

That’s about it, here is a pic of me so you can see where I am starting from

My main problems are:

  • Not eating enough or regularly (sometimes I eat only 2x/day)
  • Irregular sleep times and late sleep times (2 or 3am)
  • and Not working Out

So that is it.

Here is a video of me showing my starting strength on some basic exercises (how many reps I can do, weight I can lift, etc…)

So no excuses, I got to become a beast somehow

My training will not be pretty but I will make it happen

I got to revive my passion for strength and fitness

Lets go from Weak to Beast!

So what’s your exucse for not starting?

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