My Back is Fucked Up & I am Fired Up!

So apart for not blogging at all for a couple weeks, I’ve just gotten to the point physically where my back is too damn hunched over, that it is uncomfortable to be standing up correctly!

So I have fucked up my back by not stretching my back, doing posterior work but most importantly not being mobile, I sit too damn much on a computer and this is gonna mess me up even further if I never stop, so Fuck it! That Shit Ends Today!

I made  a 100 day challenge for myself that I have ignored, so lets bring it back, today is the start, this time I will just focus only the basics: Eat Right & Workout!

Seriously it is just that, the fact that I have been trying to change everything else to accommodate for this and wait for the moment where I wake up and say “today is the right day” is not gonna happen

Heck I woke up today at 5:30am because I go to work at 9am so am up, lets do something productive! I know I would have woken up hating life for having to go to work but you know what fuck it I am grateful I got  a job right now to support me financially, I gotta stop bitching and start making shit happen!

But that is the end of my rant today, my back is fucked up, I just came back from work (driving all day) and am not gonna make any excuses to not workout and am gonna fix my back somehow

I am way to Young to let my Back get Fucked Up Even More!
I am way to Young to let my Back get Fucked Up Even More!

oh and I am 21 so WTF! shouldn’t I be mobile and feeling super awesome? Hell Yes I should!

I have been too soft in my life so time to Grow some Fucking Balls & Change my Life!

My Goal with this Blog is to Inspire you to Do Something With Your Body and Life, to inspire you to become a BEAST!

I will achieve that and you will too! you just gotta Stop thinking about the moment & Do the Damn Work!

I know I Will!

Here is the Workout I did Today:


Here is what I did:

  1. Foam Roll + Warm Up + 10 Push Ups, 10 Pull Ups & 5 Chins
  2. Deadlift 5×5 + Handstands 5×5 (Super Set)
  3. Plate Clean & press (45pds) 5×5 + Front Squats (with 30 pd bag) 5×5 (Super Set)
  4. Finish off with stretching

That’s it, simple & took less than 30 min

As you can see I am weak for my weights, I  don’t have smaller weights that I can “move my way up” and I Fucking love that!

It forces me to be creative and crank up lots of bodyweight throughout the day to get stronger! Physically & Mentally!

No Excuses, Lets get to Work!

Luis Carrillo

Have You Had enough of your Shitty Life? What are You doing to Change it? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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