List of Fundamental Exercises to Master

Please Note that this List is based on my Standards, and the main goal is to set a body weight foundation where you have control over your body’s basic movements.

Here are the Fundamental Exercises and Reps to Master before you you even consider yourself Strong

  • 25 pull ups
  • 150 push ups
  • 50 dips
  • 10 muscle ups
  • 50 walking lunges(each leg)
  • 25 1 arm push ups
  • 20 hands stand push upsĀ  (against wall)
  • a free 1 min handstand
  • 3 min plank
  • 100 bodyweight squats (going deep and down)
  • 25 burpees (without getting tired)
  • 5 min mile

Other Notes:

Always Warm Up

Do Foam Rolling on tight areas

Stretch after every workout (or even just do it at home on body parts where you are tight)

You might think this list is too basic and boring, but Can you really do all of these reps and exercises with good form and without getting too tired?

Having this fundamental strength will improve all your other lifts,and since it will give you control over your body and better balance off your body by strengthening your posterior chain and core, plus give you the flexibility and ability to move better and more comfortably

(If you can’t do the basics, then practice the shit out of them!)

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  • Good list of fundamental bwt exercises, but I’m curious as to how much you weigh? As you know, strength (as far as how many reps one can perform) with bodyweight training is largely based on how much you weigh, and how long your limbs are. At over 6 feet tall and weighing around 200 lbs lean, I can perform almost all of your strength standards (some of them easily), but find the 60 handstand pushups to be an insanely hard standard.

    The 150 pushups in a row, and the 25 one arm pushups are also very tough for bigger guys (although not as extreme as 60 HS p/u’s). I can’t do 10 muscle ups yet either, but I think that is a fair standard even for heavier guys… it’s more of a technique issue for me so far. All the other exercises (dips, squats, burpees, etc) seem pretty reasonable, but your standard for HS pushups, and other pushup variations seems pretty steep… the guys I train with felt the same way.

    Is there a reason you ranked those ones so high?

    • Holy Shit! I just realized that and don’t know why I put such a high volume for them

      I changed them to 20 now & did not mention that I meant for them to be done against a wall

      60 is extremist, but does sound like a fun challenge šŸ™‚

      These standards were heavily influenced by my own personal goals at the time, I am 135 & to me being able to do 25 1 hand push ups & 10 muscle ups means strong shoulders which is something I am working on

      I agree that with heavier & taller guys these exercises are tougher but still can be done…I’ve seen your videos & you are definitely have great relative strength

      You inspire me to keep pushing myself!

      Thanks Josh for the Comment!

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