I had started my 100 days of weak to beast and decided to record my daily actions on a notebook & later reflect how great or crappy my day was,

Right now it is 30 min till midnight and as I am reflecting on my day I said “Holy Shit BORINGNESS!”

Seriously my day was not what I thought it was, or thought it was gonna be & I am realizing that most of my days are these shitty, that was a BIG Wake Up Call & a realization of how I have lied to myself

I decided to not start the 100 days today, but start them on Jan 1st, 2012


I need time to study myself a little bit more to be prepared on what actions I need to tackle daily

For one I just saw how much I have lied to myself: I think I drink enough water, eat enough, and am productive enough

Well I just slapped myself and saw the true reality

the Reality that I have only drank 3 bottles of water today, only ate twice, woke up late and have been consuming too much info on the computer and not taking action in my biz goals nor my fitness

Fuck Me!

Why am I sharing this?

Well besides the fact that I am gonna recommend that you do this immediately, I realized how careless we as humans are of how our days are, and when somebody asks you “how have you been?” most of us reply “pretty good” when in reality we don’t know how meaningless our days have been

The fact that I realized how Boring my days have been, and that I’ve been telling people I am doing good, is Pure ignorance on my part when I should be replying “I’ve been a useless and ignorant person wasting all my time, and just taking space in this beautiful world, contributing to being another useless soul in this life”

Fuck That!

And that thought might seem a bit extremist, but I don’t think it is

in fact I think it reflects most people’s lives, including mine at the moment

and now you might be thinking:

WTF did I write?

Simple Stuff Really,

  • I write that I woke up at almost 12am (only because somebody texted me)
  • How hunched over my posture is when sitting down and taking a shit
  • How I ate 3 hours later after waking up (all because I had been on the computer absorbing information)
  • How cookies and cheesecake made me feel after I ate them (Like shit if you are wondering)
  • How I put on chap stick 3 times a day
  • And how probably the most exiting thing in my day was that I cut my hair and used my iPhone as a mirror
  • Those are the things I write, plus also how I felt when I woke up (Felt hungry, sick and back aching) and what sites I visited on the internet (LifeHacker.com was my Porn of Today)

This was a Big, BIG Wake Up Call to Step my Game Up & Do meaningful Shit!

So I am going to tell you to do the same as I did, because it can change your life

To Do’s:

  1. Grab a notebook with enough paper & for the next 3 days write down your actions and feelings:
  2. How you feel when you wake up, & the times you do these activities, what you eat, # of bottles of H2O you drink, how your posture is, and anything else you feel is necessary
  3. the Goal is not to narrate your every second, but to see your daily habits and unproductive shit you participate in on a daily basis

Here is my actual notebook:

My Crappy Notebook of Daily Boringness

as you can see nothing pretty (orange circles are the times & next to them is what I did and how I felt)

Start this Tomorrow Morning, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

 I seriously mean that, when was the last time you really saw who you really are?

Would love to hear what type of Lies you discovered for yourself (drop them below)

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