Here is Where My BadAss Story as to How I Became a Beast Will Be

I don’t have a cool story to tell you yet!

But will once I am done with the challenge I have set for myself

I will tell you more about it shortly, but I am guessing you first want to know a little about me right?

That's Me
That's Me

So my name is Luis Carrillo, and I currently live with my parents and pretty much live a boring life: wake up, eat, clean up, work, eat, continue working, eat, work, and then go to sleep, only to do it all over again…and every now and then go out with my friends and have fun

Pretty typical life right?

Kinda, but not really, you see I am only 21 years old, and I have been un-conformed with being average ever since I discovered I was an entrepreneur at heart back in high school…and ever since I have been trying to make a living out of my laptop (but that’s a story for another day)

With me pursuing this freedom I have neglected the Most Important thing in my Life which is my Health

But here is what’s shocking:

I am in love with Strength Training, Fitness and Just Tearing the Iron Up!

I remember back in high school when I discovered weights that the only thing on my mind was when will I get to train again, I had found my passion and keep training diligently all trough  my school years, until my second semester in College

That’s when I reflected on myself and saw how boring and un-pleased my life was and stopped being the dedicated kid who goes to school, behaves responsibly, trains diligently to stay fit, and overall is a good kid.

And to top it off, I had a hernia surgery and had to not workout for 4-6 months

I was crushed and depressed that I could not train for that long and everything health wise went downhill form there

With this change I stopped training, and put my love for strength and fitness aside, didn’t care about eating so clean and being “boring” anymore, because all I wanted was to have fun

and I don’t want to bore you with all the details, but this was the best shit that had ever happened to me

I never became satisfied by going out more and “having more fun” there was always something embedded on me that wouldn’t let me fuck up my life

Maybe it was all my knowledge on health and fitness, or all those stories I constantly read about people living the life of their dreams and me wanting that, well whatever it is I am glad I am the way I am

So I have tried to get back onto working out and fixing up my health during the last 4 months, but for some reason I don’t act up, I get exited to start but don’t do shit (as you can see from my first posts)

And that’s how I decided to start my weak to beast challenge

I have made my body and mind weak for too long now, and have finally decided to change this part of my life and become a beast

And to do this I need to change my environment , and that’s what my challenge is all about:

Doing shit that is uncomfortable but will transform my mindset into an unstoppable one

And also I don’t have much equipment, but that won’t stop me from getting what I want and worse off I hate the environment of commercial gyms (seeing lazy people never changing, shitty music, and too much shiny toys) seriously being in a commercial gym sucks the life out of me!

It’s my mission to revive this beast inside of me and Get Stronger than ever!

And I set the challenge at 100 days because not only is a number to measure the time, but I know that I will be a completely new person by then and will be living my true passion which is to help and inspire individuals to train and get shit done

Got more exiting stuff happening after this challenge, So I am inviting you to Join me and transform yourself into a Beast

There are no excuses to not get Stronger, only you set limitations to yourself because your not aware of the endless possibilities to get Strong, Fit, Confident and Full of Energy

It’s My Goal to Inspire You to Act Up and Get Shit Done!

Society Tells you it’s OK to be fat, weak, sad, pop pills, be depressed, have low energy and to live a life trying to please somebody else because that is the normal way to live, and you know what Fuck That!..that is Not a Worthy Life! and you Should NOT Conform to being Weak and Mediocre!

So Stop being Weak! and…

Unleash the Beast Inside of You and get Stronger!

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