71 days to Stop the Bullshit & Get Stronger!

71 Days to More Strength, More Energy and More Passion to live my Life!

That’s a Pretty big and bold Statement, and you might be asking:

So why 71 Days?

Well in 71 days from 11/19/11 (date I started this) is my Birthday (Jan 29, 2012)

And every time I turn a year older I reflect onto how much progress I have made from the previous year and how many goals I have hit and this time I am supposed to end up with a being strong as hell,  feeling full of energy, and traveling the world doing what I love.

And none of that shit has happened!…well I could just look at it and be like “uh, I’ll start by next year all fresh and exited” and you know what Fuck That! it Start Right Now!

So over the next 71 days I will be daily writing updates on my crazy workouts, challenges, and cool adventures that will happen trough my journey to get Stronger!

These 71 days will not be comfortable, but will be fun as hell, I will go trough pain many times, but this temporary feeling will only make me stronger both physically and mentally!!

Enough Chit Chat, here are my My Action Steps:

  • Drink a Lots of Water
  • Eat Primal (Lots of Fat, Meat and Veggies)
  • Workout Anywhere- No Excuses
  • Always Warmup and Stretch
  • Do recovery Work (Foam Roll)
  • Master these Exercises
  • Inspire People to do the Same!
  • Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable!

Simple and straight to the point, no need to make it complex, so lets start!

Now ask yourself: “When was the last time I had the Urge, the Excitement and was inpatient to go out and Workout, Move and just Have Fun???

(Love to see your answers in the comments below 🙂

My Goal is to inspire you to stop being lazy and just move because you Fucking Love it!

Join the Weak to Beast Movement and Unleash the beast Within You!

Get Stronger and Live a Kick Ass life!

P.S. Today was Day 71! – Start NOW, What are you waiting for?

Photo Credits: Cam BsAs
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