4 Problematic Days & 4 Lessons

So the past 4 days have been full of obstacles and problems, but I prefer to not look at them in a negative way, if not in a positive way, always learn from your hardships!

With that in mind here are the 4 lessons I have learned:

Lesson #1) Take advantage of momentum:

Once you start eating cleaner and regularly go trough the pain and misery that will make you stronger, you get momentum, you get to be on the state of flow, where everything is good and you are focused, use this state of mind to fuel you up…But when this flow happens there is always problems, which leads me to:

Lesson #2) Shit Happens when Things are in the Flow:

it is as if magically you are doing good and then suddenly the world is against you trying to not make you stop and go back to your old self.

You are eating clean, you are working out, and all of a sudden your favorite cookies appear on your face, you get invited to your favorite restaurant, you get invited with your friends to go party and do unproductive shit, now I am not saying that fun is bad (not at all) but when you are in the zone stay in the zone!  Don’t let temptations bring you back to your weak self!

This is the first test to see if you really want this, and if you are able to push trough and realize that you want this badly then you will overcome this!

The shit that I had to go trough these couple of days:

  • My videos don’t want to play on my computer, and cannot edit them
  • One of my big e-mail accounts got deleted (always have backups)
  • I didn’t sleep to well due to working during the Holidays
  • I have gotten my stress levels up because I need to pay some bills and I am broke right now
  • and a couple of more shit, but this is a test I have to overcome and see how badly I want this

Had lots of excuses to not workout because I was busy at work, but common is that really an excuse? Body weight can be cranked up anywhere, and at anytime, so i have been spreading out reps throughout the day

Shit Happens But Life Moves OnLesson #3) I don’t need a lot of shit to live :

I have been cleaning up and selling or giving away all the unnecessary crap I have and this i just freeing me up and getting my mind cleaner and more relaxed, plus I am doing this because I have big plans by next year (more on this later)

I am throwing it all of these away to pursue the enjoyment of life and getting to get to know myself a lot more and learn what my true values are

Lesson #4) Strength Training is more than just Working Out for Aesthetics:

its about building up your character and see what you really are made of, if you can withstand pain, misery and self doubt throughout your workouts then these battle you have fought with yourself will give you the power to confidently tackle any area of your life and develop the Beast inside of you!

Although these are common things that happen regularly, it is to you to decide how to tackle them and I have decided to use this experience to help me succeed in my journey

62 more days to go, and shit is gonna start to get ugly real soon!

 Join me and Unleash the Beast within You!

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