My 100 Day Challenge to Get Stronger!

It’s been a 10 days in this new Year and I Made No resolutions, WHY?

Because I know What I Freaking Want!

I wanna, be a BEAST Living a Passionate Life doing What I Love, Which is Learning about Strength and Building the Online Shows I have been thinking about Starting for too damn Long already!

So Today I am challenging Myself for the Next 100 Days To Get Beastly Strong!

I have lived  a boring life long enough where I get exited to start and don’t do shit (just look at past posts I never followed trough) and on top of that I get mad and frustrated with people who act the same, when I am like them, the only difference is that I am aware of it, yet I keep doing it, so Fuck that I Have Had Enough!

Enough of me ranting, Here is My Challenge:

  • FIX MY DAMN POSTURE  (Here are some Great Videos from one of my mentors: Elliott Hulse to help you See How I will test this: Vid1Vid2Vid3)
  • MASTER MY BODYWEIGHT Here are the Fundamental Bodyweight Exercises to Master ( I Will Make a Guide For This Soon)
  • FOAM ROLL WHATS TIGHT (Here is an Excellent Guide to Foam Rolling by Joe Hashey)
  • TRAIN UNDERGROUND STYLE : Zach Even-Esh is the Man who Inspired me To Stop Training for Looks and to Really Push Myself to Get Stronger and Develop a Tough Mindset With His Techniques of Using Odd Objects, Strongman Exercises, and Just Killing it Every Time! (Here is The Guide that Started it All For Me)

Here Is the Equipment I Currently Have: (All Basic Stuff)

  • A Barbell
  • 2 45 Pound Plates
  • 2 70 Pound Dumbbells (& 2 10’s)
  • A 30 Pound Punching Bag (Will Use as a Sand Bag)
  • A Crappy Door Pull Up bar
  • 2 Small Tires
  • My Car
  • A Mountain Bike

I Don’t Have Much Shit, but This is All I Need, Simple, Basic, But Powerful!

My Goal with this Challenge is To:

  • Strengthen My Mind with the Cold Showers by Learning How to Relax in an Stressing Situation
  • Fix my posture as I am currently hunched over which only screams out that I am not Self-Confident
  • Re- Energize my Body With Real and Delicious Food
  • Stop the Bullshit and Take Risks – I Surf the Internet too Damn Much Looking at Other People’s Success Stories about How they are Make Shit Happen, Well Enough, It’s Time for me to make Shit Happen!
  • Become a Confident BadAss: By Changing my Posture I will be Feel Damn Energized and Confident, which will lead to Me to Developing an Unstoppable Mindset Ready To Achieve Anything!

Now Lets Just Fucking Do It!

If you are Like Me: Just another boring dude that just watches TV or surf the Internet Because You Want a Better Life: A Life Full of Passion where you Do what You love because you are: Strong, Confident, and Full of Energy THEN JOIN ME!

100 Days to BEAST Strength!


Leave Your Weak Self Behind and Unleash the BEAST Within You!

Are You Joining the Challenge? Leave a Comment Blow I'd Love to Hear From You!

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